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ARt with Mrs. Demello

Hello Twin Creeks Students and Parents,

I hope you’re all doing well! I just wanted to reach out and let you know that all of your student artwork is being kept safe in the Art room at school. I can’t wait until the time comes when our school campus is open again and I can finally hand over your Art folders!  I miss you all so much!

Also, now through the end of the school year I will be sending you a simple weekly art lesson to complete at home if you like. No pressure, I just wanted to provide some fun projects for you. 


Dreambox learningBelow are links for access to Dreambox Learning Math for Students to use at home. It can be accessed via a computer with the Student Portal or Ipad with the Clever app. 


Student Portal

Dreambox Parent Information

Specialists Corner

P.E. with Mr. Collins

peShaun Collins

Office Hours:  Friday 2- 3PM Google Meet Site

He will also be streaming a 10 minute Wednesday Workout on my Twitter at Noon. Students can find this on his website Mr Collins’ Corner by clicking on the Twitter button

or directly @Mr_CollinsPE on Twitter. They do NOT need a twitter account to view!

Science with Mrs. Dees

Susan Dees               science

Office Hours: Fridays 1:00-2:00 meetmrsdees

Email Contact:

Mrs. Dees Google Science Website for all your Science needs.

Music with Mrs. Night

Terri Knightmusic

Music office hours are:
Mondays 9-10
Thursdays 10-11
Friday’s 9-10
Music with Mrs. Knight website

Library with Mrs. Casebeer

Adrienne Casebeerlibrary

Library Website

Click the above website for amazing and fun activities from our librarian.

Math with Mrs. Torchiana

Julie Torchianamath

Mrs. Torchiana's Math Intervention Schedule

Who We Are


  • Shaun Collins ~~~PE   

  • Linda DeMello ~~~Art

  • Gretchen Sullivan ~~~ELD

  • Krista Fong ~~~Speech 

  • Julie Torchiana ~~~Math

  • Kathy Roebuck ~~~Rainbow

  • Terri Knight ~~~Music

  • Adrienne Casebeer ~~~Library

  • David Chang ~~~Computer Tech

  • Alyssa Luu ~~~Psychologist

  • Marcia Norgard ~~~Reading

  • Rachel Gonzales ~~~Reading                                                   

  • Susan Dees~~~Science