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Ed Stop 1

Teacher Resources


Contact Shelli Kravitz  Shelli Kravitz Principal
Contact Ryan Maloney  Ryan Maloney Teacher
Office Staff
Contact Katy Little  Katy Little Office Assistant, Mon, Tues
Contact Jani Mulholland  Jani Mulholland Office Assistant, Wed, Thurs, Fri
Contact Lisa Ryan  Lisa Ryan Office Manager
Office/ Admin E-mails
Shelli Kravitz Principal
Ryan Maloney TSA
Lisa Ryan Office Manager
Katy Little Office Assistant
Jani Mulholland Office Assistant
Support Teachers and Staff
Contact Kortney Aronson  Kortney Aronson Resource Teacher
Contact Adrienne Casebeer  Adrienne Casebeer Library Media Coordinator
Contact David Chang  David Chang Computer Tech
Contact Shaun Collins  Shaun Collins Teacher, PE
Contact Gregg Corsetti  Gregg Corsetti Custodian
Contact Maria Coulter  Maria Coulter Staff
Contact Susan Dees  Susan Dees Science Instructor
Contact Linda DeMello  Linda DeMello Art
Contact Kirsten English  Kirsten English Barton
Contact Krista Fong  Krista Fong Speech Therapist
Contact Rachel Gonzales  Rachel Gonzales Staff
Contact Sophia Hansen  Sophia Hansen Staff
Contact Terri Knight  Terri Knight Music
Contact Alyssa Luu  Alyssa Luu Teacher
Contact Marcia Norgard  Marcia Norgard Staff
Contact Orlando Phillips  Orlando Phillips Custodian
Contact Chanvee Richard-Rumedon  Chanvee Richard-Rumedon Noon duty
Contact Kathy Roebuck  Kathy Roebuck Rainbow
Contact Lannette Sevier  Lannette Sevier Staff
Contact Gloria Slack  Gloria Slack Staff
Contact Gretchen Sullivan  Gretchen Sullivan E L Specialist
Contact Erin Tierney  Erin Tierney Noon Duty
Contact Julie Torchiana  Julie Torchiana Teacher, Math
Contact Julie Verhaeghe  Julie Verhaeghe Para, Resource
Contact Stephanie Werner  Stephanie Werner Occupational Therapist
Contact Sue Woo  Sue Woo Child Nutrition
Room #
Teacher Name
1 Brown, Angelyn
2 Fox-Garcia, Denise
3 DelSesto, Sharneth
5 Tranum, Amber
6 Adams, Allison
7 Single, Shelbi
8 West, Molly
9 Pecheos, Miriam
10 Burrus, Kirsten
11 Tyshing, Chris
14 Dees, Susan
15 Benazra, Caitlin
16 Lein, Molly
17 Tanner, Lindsay
18 Glimme, Gina
18 Montero, Anna Lisa
19 Krishnan, Bindu
20 Holt, Amanda
20 Scherschel, Debbie
20 Peraza, Ashlee
21 Noda, Shari
21 Costamagna, Carolyn
22 Cleary, Karen
22 Chilkowtowsky, Megan
22 Ono, Evan
18A Trade, Kristen
P2 Baron, Katie kbaron@srvusd,net
P1 McClain, Sara
P3 Venierakis, Sydney
PE Collins, Shaun
1/2 Grade Combo
Contact Lindsay Tanner  Lindsay Tanner Teacher

1st Grade Homepage

2nd Grade
Contact Allison Adams  Allison Adams Teacher
Contact Amanda Holt  Amanda Holt Teacher
Contact Bindu Krishnan  Bindu Krishnan Teacher
Contact Molly Lein  Molly Lein Teacher
3rd Grade
Contact Kirsten Burrus  Kirsten Burrus Teacher
Contact Miriam Pecheos  Miriam Pecheos Teacher
Contact Shelbi Single  Shelbi Single Teacher
Contact Molly West  Molly West Teacher
4th Grade
Contact Katie Baron  Katie Baron Teacher
Contact Sara MCClain  Sara MCClain Teacher
Contact Sydney Venierakis  Sydney Venierakis Teacher
4/5 Grade Combo
Contact Denise Fox-Garcia  Denise Fox-Garcia Teacher
5th Grade
Contact Angelyn Brown  Angelyn Brown Teacher
Contact Sharneth Del Sesto  Sharneth Del Sesto Teacher
Contact Amber Tranum  Amber Tranum Teacher
Contact Christine Tyshing  Christine Tyshing Teacher