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10/31/18 2:50 PM
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Week 29 A Week



Hi First Grade Parents:

Important Dates:

March 19 Minimum Day

March 29 Minimum Day

April 1-5 Spring Break- No School


We are reading fiction and non-fiction and working on learning about characters. We are noticing what they do, why they do it, and how they change throughout a book. 



We are writing Reviews. We are working on reviewing books. It is important to tell your reader enough about your book that they want to read it, but not too much that you spill the beans. We are also studying how reviews are a useful type of writing. 


Phonics: /oo/ like in moon /oo/ like in book


Sight Words: their too more were


Math: 10s and 1s, Math facts, word problems, making 10s, and adding 3 addends. Place value concepts and subtraction.

Technology websites:

*Raz Kids Reading and Science- Raz Kids

*Dreambox Math- Dream Box




-The First Grade Team